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Best of 2022: Indie Sleaze Was An Inside Job

the unskippables i skipped (underrated & underappreciated edition)

christmas music doesn't have to suck

the top of the chart, the base of the mountain

A loving, brutal Springsteen takedown

i tried to review every song on spotify's new music friday

Reviewing every track on Spotify's New Music Friday

365 bowls of oatmeal

unskippables #57 (prod. jack antonoff)

capturing the boring beauty of friendship

Music – for Guys!

indie sleaze's greatest hits never f*cked

the best prechorus of the year?

Björkin' hard or hardly Björkin'?

26 prince rip-offs & the art of the steal

Congrats, you made it to dinky disco season

(extreme critic voice) is the best criticism more art?

it's too hot for a subject line, here are very good songs

beyoncé backtracks and the week's best new music

beats for a back injury

justin timberlake, swaggerless king of the washed

A new album of the year contender and other fresh jams

hot dog eating contest but for the week's best songs

the power of dumb disco in dark times

Drake's House Vs. Beyoncé's House

best of the year (so far) + pharrell's goblin mode anthem

soundtrack to an empty city in the summer

Post-song of the summer songs of the summer

selects from san francisco, the purgatory to LA's shitty heaven

there's no "alright" on the new kendrick, and that's...alright

fine, i'll write the bad arcade fire review

dance to the end of love

hating stuff is fun, i don't care

Chloë Bailey reaches new (wuthering) heights

Vince Staples' new album wants you to go outside

And the Grammy for the most unskippable goes TO

Sl*p content-free track reviews

The Unified Rosalía Theory of Pop Music

Small songs to get you through

Blithe during wartime

learning about the end of the world on the 101

jeen-yikes (plus this week's best new tracks)

Olympian hit in the balls needs this new music

Neil Young pulled his music from this newsletter

Semi-Charmed Newsletter

FKA Twigs goes business casual

The Very Online Sound of 2022